How We Celebrate

It is important that we celebrate those that go above and beyond.

Our people are at the heart and soul of Texas Children’s. As the ambassadors of our mission and culture, they go above and beyond every day in exemplifying our core values. We celebrate our colleagues’ achievements and milestones in a variety of programs throughout the year.


Recognizing Our People


At Texas Children’s, our new employee onboarding is like nothing you’ll ever experience. Even before you officially join our team, you’re provided with access to information to make the right decision about your career and joining our team.

On your first day, you’ll start your journey by going back to school by attending Texas Children’s Hi, our new employee orientation and onboarding experience that is centered on our culture and passion for our mission with our core values serving as the foundation. You’ll celebrate our distinct history, significant achievements, as well as Texas Children’s innovative future.

After you graduate Texas Children’s Hi, you will have an incredible sense of pride about our one-of-a-kind organization and the unbelievable things that happen here.


Employee Recognition Celebration

The Employee Recognition Celebration is an annual event where we honor employees with 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, and 40 years of dedicated service, Mark A. Wallace Catalyst Leadership Award recipients, Super Stars, and SMILES recipients.

Mark A. Wallace Catalyst Leadership Award

Each year, the program honors outstanding individuals who lead by example, make the biggest possible difference, ensure the best possible outcomes and uphold Texas Children’s mission and Core Values.

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2018 Recipients
  • Maria Happe, MSN, RN
    Clinical Senior Project Manager
    Pediatric ICU Services
  • Manju Monga, M.D.
    Professor and Vice Chair of Clinical Affairs
  • Julie McGuire, MSN, RN
    Enterprise Systems Clinical/Epic
  • Carolyn Cohen
    Assistant Director
    Patient & Family Services
  • Kimberly Troupe
    Business Operations & Support Services Administration - The Woodlands
Smiles Award
Recipients of this award demonstrate exceptional customer service and are dedicated to creating and sustaining a culture of excellence for employees, physicians, and customers.
2014 Recipients
  • Sharon Diggins
    TCP - Central Business Office
  • Bob Dragos
    TCP - MSO
    TCP - Cullen
Super Star Award

Recipients of this award continually demonstrate their true commitment to excellence and exemplary service. These employees and leaders are always willing to step up and lend a hand to go the extra mile.

2014 Recipients
  • Gabriel Brooks
    Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
  • Felicia Cruise
    Ambulatory Services
  • Klaus Lowey-Valencia
    Information Services
  • Joshua O'Brien
    Financial Services
  • Juan Rivera
    Office of Surgeon-in-General
  • Melissa Smith
  • Estella Tam

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